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Published By Alexandra Heilbron on May 02, 2024

The Fall Guy posterIf you've seen trailers for The Fall Guy and/or its stars, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt promoting the movie on Saturday Night Live or at the Oscars, you probably have high hopes of an entertaining film. Let me assure you -- you will not be disappointed. Unlike some movies that show all the highlights in the trailer and then leave you wanting when you see the final product -- The Fall Guy couldn't be more hilarious or deliver more eye-popping action.

The evening starts with a "public service announcement" featuring director (and former stuntman) David Leitch and Ryan Gosling. They advise you to put away your cell phone -- although Ryan hilariously shows you what to do if you get an important text or call during the movie.

The movie opens on Ryan as Colt Seaver, a stuntman with swagger. He does all the stunts for Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who wants Colt to do a dangerous stunt on wires once more -- because he feels the angle of the camera showed too much of Colt's face. The wires fail and Colt suffers a serious injury that puts him out of commission for 18 months. Feeling low, he ghosts Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt), a member of the crew with whom he was building a romantic relationship.

When Colt gets a call from Tom Ryder's agent Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham), who tells him that Jody wants him to come to Australia to do stunts for her first feature film as a director, he flies out, hopeful that Jody may forgive him for the long silence. Colt soon discovers that Gail, who's also a producer on the film, also wants him to find Tom Ryder, who has gone missing and may cost Jody her film if he doesn't soon show up on set.

The script by Drew Pierce is well-crafted, with hilarious banter between Colt and Jody. In fact, the banter continues through the movie with just about every line Colt and Jody deliver with everyone they meet. Emily Blunt, who was so funny and snarky in The Devil Wears Prada, gets to show off her quick-witted comedy skills again, while Ryan Gosling proves he's more than just Ken as he steals every scene he's in. The  charisma and chemistry between the couple leaves you wishing for even more scenes featuring just the two of them.

Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham plays her character with charm, but also with a hint that there may be something more lurking under her oh-so-sweet exterior.

The action is breathtaking -- it's incredible with all the crazy stunts that no one was hurt making this movie, but when you consider that David Leitch is not just an award-winning stunt performer, but a talented director whose debut feature was John Wick, it's not surprising that it all goes off without a hitch.

When you're completely satisfied that the stunts and action have outdone any other movie you've seen before, the movie continues with even more amazing stunts, action and hilarious banter.

As the credits roll, the audience is treated to behind-the-scenes clips featuring the real stunt people. The Fall Guy provides a fun and completely satisfying night out that will leave you smiling as you walk out of the theater. ~Alexandra Heilbron

5 out of 5 stars.

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Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt create sparks in The Fall Guy


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  1. Christina • 5/14/2024 9:44:48 AM

    I loved this movie, best one so far this year!

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